At CAC International Bank we offer you high quality trade Finance with our high quality services. Our Advanced Technology and Automation for processing your letters of credit in a quick and accurate manner for gaining edge over my competitors. We have a team of skilled professionals who are expert in international Trade Finance and they make sure that they monitor all your Trade Finance requirements with efficiency. In addition to this, a complete understanding of local languages as well as major international languages and banking practices helps in making right banking choices.

Efficient Processing of Your Letters of Credit

At CAC International Bank, we have skilled professionals for processing your Letters of Credit. We make sure the provision of trusted Letters of Credit services to distinguished clients whose import operations extend to all countries throughout the world. Many changes have been made in our purchasing operations in Apparel, Electronics, Textile and many other goods into our services of banking specialties. At CAC International Bank, it receives innumerable letters of credit from many International Banks around the world and all our processing capabilities are mostly admired by most of the people.

Here is the list of services offered by CAC International Bank

Document Examination

We make sure that all the documents that are presented to us are evaluated carefully. As soon as the receipt of settlement funds is received the payments are made on the similar day. We are very responsive regarding all out inquiries from beneficiaries.

Inquiry Systems and Automated Processing

Letters of credit are received by all of us with our computerized systems and they can be reached anywhere without any hurdle. With our e-banking Internet system we make sure that immediate access is provided to information on different transactions that are processed by any of our branches.

Flexibility and Transmission

We makes it easy for our clients to forward letters of credit to CAC International Bank Djibouti via SWIFT, Courier and Mail or with the help of Internet Banking.

Responsive Customer Service

We have customer service officials who are available 24/7 for answering all of our queries without any delay.