Our newly launched banking solution in Djibouti is the International Bank Money Transfer. With the latest technological advancements, an individual needs someone to fulfil financial needs with him. If you want to travel abroad for business purposes CAC International Bank Money transfer always saves you and your loved ones at home and effort with easy, instant and convenient money transfer through Western Union, icash & international transfer.

Transfer of Funds/Instant Remittance

At CAC International Bank we make sure that smooth and secure funds remittance is provided to all the customers by using CAC Money Transfer facility. Remittance can be defined as money transfer by foreign-based professional or businessman to an individual in their respective country. Remittances are not only a part of international capital flows, particularly regarding labor-exporting countries, but it also includes valuable sources of fulfilling day to day expenditures for their families at home. With CAC International Bank Money Transfer, you can easily send your money back to your home country which is a part of perfect banking solution.