Our Goals

Among many others, CAC International Bank is committed to the following values:

  • To make clients our main priority
  • To constantly work on achieving excellence.
  • To work with the spirit of one team.
  • To work on achieving social development.
  • To give care to and develop its Human Resources.

Today there are more than a dozen employees from diverse nationalities who are employed by CAC International Bank, making the most diversified employers in the region and an ambassador of economic and social progress for the Republic of Djibouti.


  • Apart from that, CAC International Bank Djibouti is a member of many acclaimed syndicates and unions of commercial banks regionally and internationally. CAC International Bank is a member of SWIFT and thus money could be transferred easily using its SWIFT code.
  • Besides that, the bank is also a member of the regional statutory professional association of banks in Djibouti – Djibouti Banks Syndicate which is a professional association of Category A credit and financing institutions as envisaged by the Banking Act, 2005.
  • CAC International Bank is a member in Union of Arab Banks and also in NENARACA, a voluntary regional association of credit institutions and agencies in the North East and North Africa Region that deal directly or indirectly with the agricultural credit operations and development.
  • The main correspondent of the CAC International Bank Djibouti is Commerzbank AG, Bank of China, Bank alBilad Saudia and ten other correspondents around the world.