Visa platinum

Using your card is quicker than making a trip to the bank, more convenient than queuing for a cash dispenser and safer than carrying money. CAC International Bank Platinum Visa Card is designed to provide a high level of flexibility, service and rewards including Global Assistance service.

With our Platinum Visa Card, enjoy:

Freedom of payment

  • High capacity of payment and withdrawal.
  • Purchases at authorized merchants Visa abroad.
  • Withdraw money abroad to distributors displaying the Visa Symbol.

The right privileges related to your status

  • An elegant and modern line
  • Insurance and assistance tailored to your needs

The “Platinum Service”

  • Benefits dedicated to the organization of your leisure and your daily life
  • Restaurant booking, travel organization
  • Easy access to consult or enjoy these benefits: Internet, smartphone application, phone or magazine.

High payment and withdrawal abilities

Regardless of your destination, the Visa Platinum card fits your needs. Your withdrawal and payment limits are modified in agreement with your bank account manager.

Master platinum

The Advantage of prominence

Exceptional Privileges For Those Who’ve Earned Them

The MasterCard Platinum card offers you the possibility of withdrawal that corresponds to your lifestyle. Set your monthly withdrawal limit in consultation with your advisor and benefit from the extensive network of MasterCard affiliated distributors, including overseas (1,400,000 ATMs)

Regulation of your purchases

  • With the Platinum MasterCard from CAC International Bank, you can pay for purchases at more than 28 million merchants around the world.
  • Personalized top limit: You determine with your advisor the monthly payment ceiling that suits you best. You can change it at any time, on request.
  • Deferred payment: With your Platinum MasterCard, your payments are debited at once every month (only cash withdrawals from distributors are debited immediately).

Master world

Open yourself to a new world

Generous, the World MasterCard combines prestige, flexibility and protection. For those who think that life is a constant discovery, we created the MasterCard World card. World Mastercard empowers you with the flexibility to explore the places and pursuits that mean the most to you. The combination of worldwide acceptance and valuable features means that you have the freedom to do what you want, whenever you feel like it.

Travel with total freedom ,Get exceptional benefits and services that you have come to expect from your Mastercard credit card.

Worldwide Acceptance

Mastercard has unsurpassed merchant acceptance; No other brand is more widely accepted.

Mastercard® Contactless

More speed, more convenience, totally secure. Getting you all set to explore the World.

Mastercard® Global Services

Put your mind at ease. We make your day with emergency card-related services – anytime, anywhere.

Global Concierge

Always here to assist you in discovering more. Mastercard has knowledgeable specialists available 365 days a year.